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10 Most Popular Recipes

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Popular Recipes - Can you guess the most popular recipe on Epicurious?

We thought it was time to invite you to peek behind the curtain at the most popular recipes in our archives.

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Popular Recipes

Sticky Rice With Mango


If you can get a really good mango, there's nothing better than serving it with this luscious coconut-enriched rice and nutty sesame seeds.

Classic Potato Pancakes


These crispy delights are best served with sour cream, applesauce, or both. 

Pasta With Burst Cherry Tomato Sauce


A total cook time of 20 minutes and a silky sauce that comes together while the pasta cooks.

Panna Cotta


Simple and smooth as silk, perfect unadorned or paired with jewel-like in-season berries.

Hot Toddy


Looking to riff a little more? Check out these toddy variations and more hot cocktails.

Thomas Keller's Simple Roast Chicken


"I make this recipe almost every weekend," while another explains that this chicken proves the point “that simple is almost always best.”

Simple Hot Cocoa for One


It's customizable based on your tastes, and won't leave you with a giant batch when you only want a cup or two.

Homemade Stuffing


Our countdown is a streamlined take on dressing that gets complex flavor from classic herbs.

How to Boil Corn on the Cob


We have the absolute pinnacle of summer side dishes, corn on the cob. No bells. No whistles. Just butter and salt. Paradise.

White Sauce or Bechamel Sauce


Most popular recipes. The answer? This white sauce is the foundation of classic comforts like mac and cheese and lasagna, as well as towering soufflés.

Bread bun

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